Sunday, November 30, 2008

California Court and Rescinding Insurance Policies

A California Appellate Court made it harder for insurance companies in that state to rescind insurance policies when it had failed to check the accuracy of the applications first.

XL Insurance appoints Mark Peeters as chief underwriter

XL Capital's subsidiary XL Insurance (Bermuda) has appointed Mark Peeters as its new chief underwriting officer of its Bermuda-based professional lines business. Mr.§ionId=65

Insurance Types of insurance companies

Insurance companies may be classified as. Life insurance companies, which sell life insurance, annuities and pensions products. Non-life or general insurance companies, which sell other types of insurance.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guide Moo Numbers Health Insurance - Staying In Top Of It

A few items in life come assume and a privilege of having health insurance can be one of the two. Employers have to give their employees a few kinda profit program in their overall compensation pack.

Safeguard Your Dog With Value Low Cost Dog Insurance Cover Online

They say the dog is mans best friend and for millions of pet owners this is true and if your beloved dog were to suffer an accident or needed treated at the vets it could run into hundreds of pounds.

Life Insurance - Whose Take Benefit

I was read ebook on the Internet from one of the financial magazines with the topic of insurance. Its write many information to explain what the benefit of insurance. And then they’re giving me some good Insurance Quotes.

Modernising the VAT treatment of insurance and financial services ...

28/11/2007, Start time: 12:52:06 Duration: 00:44:45, Modernising the VAT treatment of insurance and financial services: press conference by Commissioner Laszlo KOVACS, followed by technical briefing (Ref-54788)